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You can also become a resident at, without booking a Fixed Zoom Room or Office. Just walk in and find your spot at one of the shared spaces, the coworking garden or in offices and meeting spaces that are unreserved.

Personal Flex


A personal flex subscription can be booked from as short as one month and as little as 1 fixed day per week (€67,50/month). A full flex residency that gives access 5 days a week costs €219/month.

Team Flex


If you’d like to build a team to frequent our spaces with, without a fixed space booking:

  1. Start with booking the Captain’s Seat (€219/month). The captain is usually the startup CEO or one of the Founders. They get access to the building 5 days a week and can register their company there.

  2. Add your team member seats: 19 euro for a single day or 40 euros for a ‘fixed day per week’ package.

Flex members are requested to check what’s unreserved at our booking overview page and leave reserved spaces empty.

  • How do I become a resident?
    You become a resident by booking a workspace or office at LOADS. Residencies are available from as little as one month. A resident at LOADS gets to join the app group, is entitled to free coffee and location specific perks like and event space, free beers and coffee. Meetings are booked per day and do not come with a residency.
  • Do all the locations have residencies?
    Currently our locations on Ms Tarnweg and Tt Melaniaweg offer residencies.
  • How do I book a workspot?
    You can book via the reservation buttons on our website. You can either pay monthly to walk in and occupy a coffee corner spot or rent a dedicated office starting at one fixed day per week. bookable per month. So all Mondays of January, or all Tuesdays in March, etc. The price you see is the monthly price you pay for 4 (or if you are lucky 5) working days.
  • How do I pay?
    We hold a number of billing rounds per month. It can take up to 14 days before you receive the invoice. We expect you to pay it within two weeks. If you make more than one booking, we will typically invoice them on one invoice at the same time.
  • Opening hours?
    You will be welcomed by our host on your first day. In the first week of the month (newbies week 😊) our host is present around 9:00 am. If your first working day is not during that week, make an appointment at what time you want to start. On all subsequent days you will be able to choose how early you want to start by accessing the building with a code. If you want to work longer, discuss with your fellow residents who will close up.
  • Can I receive visitors?
    Yes, you can always receive visitors in the coworking garden and the hall. Before your visit, you can also grab coffee and tea in the canteen. Always make sure that other people can pass you safely by five feet. Some workplaces are large enough to admit a second or even third person, subject to a meter and a half (this is indicated on the website). A visitor pays nothing (we consider your visit as a meeting until about 3 hours duration). If you want to rent a larger meeting room completely, please contact us at We have a separate rate for residents.
  • Can I bring someone with me for a whole day?
    Yes. For a surcharge of 19 euros you can bring an extra person in your room for the whole day (if big enough with a distance of 1.5 meters). That person, just like you, is entitled to unlimited tasty coffee and tea and a beer at the end of the day. If that person only comes for a few hours, we just see them as visitors.
  • Can I take someone with me on a structural basis (ie every week, all day)?"
    Yes, you can. To make things easy, we assume that this happens 4 times a month. The compensation for this is then 4 x19 euros = 76 euros.
  • Is there perhaps a private, closed workplace available for my visit / colleague?"
    If you want to be absolutely sure, it is best for your visitor / colleague to book their own workspace series via the website. Sometimes there are also last minute workspaces available. You can invite your colleague for a surcharge of 29 euros (invoiced afterwards), but only if you have checked in the planner that the workplace is actually free. Unfortunately, we do not facilitate one-time reservations in advance.
  • Can my visitor work for a few hours at the computer before or after our appointment?
    Your visitor is allowed to work for a while in the shared spaces. In winter this can be a bit cooler. If no meetings or events are taking place, your visitors can take a seat in the meeting rooms. We cannot guarantee that a private, closed workplace is available for your visitor unless you book it beforehand.
  • Can I bring a screen / chair / other items?
    No problem!
  • Can I leave a screen / chair / items until the next time?
    You can leave your screen behind at a workplace or in a cupboard. Other residents can use it on the days you are not there, sharing is caring 😊. There are lockers available for leaving a laptop, for example, that you would rather not share. We'd rather not have a chair graveyard, but if you have a very nice not uber ugly chair to add, we want to think about it.
  • COVID?
    Yes, COVID ... • Mouth masks are welcome, not mandatory. In practice, they are worn by most people on busy days (for example, the days with practical training, also because it is mandatory for students and teachers). • Keeping a meter and a half is mandatory, both inside and in the coworking garden. • When the meeting rooms are rented out, hygiene bubbles are sometimes indicated on the toilets, by means of the letters A, B, C or a note on the door. • We also count on you not to bring children to work who are not allowed to go to school because of symptoms or a Corona outbreak, and that you will of course go into isolation yourself if you suspect a Corona. Stay at home while waiting for your test result. If you are waiting for the test result from a partner or housemate, but you do not have any symptoms yourself, please discuss this. You may then isolate yourself in a garden office if available, and you will be assigned a private toilet until the redeeming word (the negative result) is there. • Our toilets are equipped with hygiene wipes. Use this at every visit to the toilet.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    Cancellation is free of charge up to 30 days in advance, for a later cancellation 50% of the monthly sum will be charged.
  • Can I have a rental contract?
    Yes. A full residency with address registration does exist, but is not provided for incidental bookings. Please contact us if you want to discuss conditions.
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